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We will accomplish our goal by consistently delivering a high quality finished product, on time and on budget for all of our customers. How we do it, is who we are!


Praiseworthy Painting has a wonderful reputation for fast turnaround, excellent craftsmanship, and professional customer service. We’ve earned that reputation via meticulous attention to detail, friendly courteous service, great prices and total dependability.


At PWPLTD, we are very pleased to offer PROLUX PAINT. We have found this to be the best product available for coating PVC. We have looked at all other paints known to us and have found PROLUX to have superior characteristics in just about every category.


PROLUX has heat reflectiveness that will not exceed what is tolerable for vinyl, UV resistance that will not noticeably fade over a ten year period, excellent mar resistance, chemical resistance and 100% adhesion. PROLUX puts all this in an easy to read guarantee, plus, unlike any other company they will pay the total cost of repairs in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong!
Prolux’s Guarantee


Fast, Professional Service without Compromising Quality

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