Prolux Paints Inc. Guarantee

Product: Prolux paint for PVC and painted metal Series 8407 and other Series 840X.

This guarantee will be respected by the following parties:

1) The “Manufacturer” – PROLUX PAINTS INC.

2) The “Customer” – Enterprise which applied the paint

For comprehensibility reasons, this document contains very few technical and chemical terms. Reference, Technical Data Sheet, and Recommended Procedures for Applying Prolux Paint Series 8401, and other Series 804X on PVC and Painted Metal, are available. Testing and results (heat build up, impact resistance, and Q.U.V. exposure) are confirmed by tests done in our own laboratories, and those done by Dallas Laboratories, and Emmanqua, for outside exposure.

Duration and Contents of Guarantee
This guarantee is valid for a period of ten (10) years starting from the date of paint application, and includes the following properties:


Accelerated weather tests done by Prolux, and by Emmaqua, have shown that no major change in color or gloss will occur during the life of this paint. Consequently, PROLUX PAINTS INC. offers a full ten (10) year guarantee that no appreciable color fading (not more than DE = 4) and no significant loss of gloss (not more than 20%) and no important chalking (not more than on no. 4 of Reference Standard no.1) will occur.


Accelerated test have shown that paint 8407 and other Series 840x will adhere perfectly (100%) to the surface of approved* substrates if the substrates have been properly prepared; that is, prepared in accordance with the method recommended by the paint manufacturer.


Original properties of approved* substrates coated with paint 8407 or other Series 840X as for resistance to cracking due to impact and to changes in temperature (winter-summer) causing the PVC to contract and to expand, will remain in accordance with CAN/CSA-A440-M90 Canadian Standard, and AAMA 303-01 US Specifications.


Because of the heat reflection property of the paint, approved* vinyl windows and sidings coated with paint 8407 or other Series 840X in bright or dark colors will not distort or warp. Heat build-up according to ASTM D-4803 method will not exceed 56º F (31.1ºC). This guarantee is only valid if the paint has been applied on approved* white quality PVC structures, properly installed, of sound construction, allowing proper air circulation and two-way ventilation.

* “approved” meaning that the customer must forward to PROLUX PAINTS INC. a sample of PVC or painted metal profile to be coated for a complete testing procedure and approval prior to painting.

Conditions of Guarantee
1) The customer must follow the application procedures stated in Technical Data Sheet, and in Recommended Procedures for Applying Prolux Paint Series 8401, and other Series 804X on PVC and Painted Metal, supplied by the paint manufacturer. These recommendations must necessarily be followed, as even a high-quality industrial coating will not give the expected results if the substrate preparation is not properly done, or if user omits to catalyze the paint.

2) In the event of any claim, PROLUX PAINTS INC. and the Customer will consult and come to a decision together regarding the disputed claim.

3) Notification of any defect in the paint coating must be made to PROLUX PAINT INC. in writing within sixty (60) days of the defect becoming apparent. Date of paint application, paint code, and batch number, must also be mentioned in the notification.

4) In the event of any effect in the guaranteed properties, including paint adhesion, PROLUX PAINT INC.’s liability is limited to the replacement of the paint, and to the refund of the cost of the repairs necessary to rectify the problem. This guarantee covers 100% of the costs for the first five years, and 50% of the costs for the five following years. PROLUX PAINT INC. will select and hire the professional painters to do the repair job.